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Funeral Grant

Funeral Grant is paid as a reimbursement to a family member who has incurred the burial expenses (costs) of the deceased NSSF Insured Person.

Qualifying Conditions

  • The deceased must be an active Insured Person,
  • The deceased Member must have made at least one contribution to the Fund.
  • Burial Expenses must have been incurred for the Insured Person.
  • The claim must be made within 60 days from the date of death.

Note: For the purpose of Funeral Grant "active Insured Person" implies a member who has contributed within twelve months before death.

Burial Expenses

Burial expenses will include expenses in respect of:

  • Coffin for the burial/coffin used to transport the body
  • Grave preparation expenses
  • Shroud (sanda)
  • Wood (ubao)
  • Fire wood & cheese
  • Reasonable transport costs to the cemetery within the locality
  • Preservation costs.

Benefits Payable

Reimbursement in respect of funeral costs shall be on the basis of actual costs incurred but shall not exceed the ceiling set by the Board of Trustees from time to time.

The current applicable rates are as follows:

Rate of Contributions per Month

Grant ceiling amount

Below Tshs. 30,000

T.shs 150,000

30,001 - 80,000

T.shs 300,000

80,001 - 160,000

T.shs 400,000

160,001 - 240,000

T.shs 500,000

Above 240,000

T.shs 600,000

After payment of funeral grant the member is also entitled to the survivor benefit as explained above.