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Maternity Benefits

Maternity Benefits (MB)

The purpose of maternity benefit is to ensure that a female Insured Person is able to sustain and care for herself and the newly born child during a specified period before and after confinement.

Qualifying Conditions

Maternity benefits shall be paid to the female insured person who has met the following conditions:-

  • The Insured Person has made at least 36 monthly contributions to

the Fund, of which 12 monthly contributions must have been made

in the 36 months prior to the expected week of confinement. and

  • Upon the receipt by the Director General of the medical certificate

from an accredited medical provider, certifying that the woman

expects delivery of a child;

  • After three years from the day when the last payment was made to

the insured person unless the child dies within a period of twelve

months; and

  • To an insured person, for one month only, in the case of still birth

Proof that the Insured Person has delivered a child as certified by

medical doctor.

  • The claim must be lodged within 84 days from the date of confirnment

Benefit Payable

There are two types of benefits that Insured Persons are entitled to under this benefit category, namely cash benefit and medical benefit.

  • For cash benefit claims payments shall be made in two installments, as follows
  • 1st Installment - This payment is payable on 39th week of pregnancy before confirnment date.
  • Maternity cash benefit is payable for a period of twelve (12) weeks at the rate of 100% of Average Insurable Daily Earnings (AIDE) determinedfrom the last six months of insurable employment immediately prior to the 20th week of pregnancy. The formula shall be in the following manner:-

1st Installment = AIDE x 28 Days


AIDE = Total Earnings for six months

180 Days

  • (Earnings for six months prior to the 20th week of pregnancy)
  • 2nd Installment - This payment is payable on 40thweek after confirnment date
  • 2nd Installment = AIDE x 56 Days
  • For Maternity Medical Care
  • Covers medical treatment cost for ailment directly related to pregnancy. Treatment period begins from the 24th week of pregnancy and ends 48 hours after confirnment or seven (7) day in case of caesarean delivery. Treatments are made by accredited medical providers.