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Registration Overview

The National Social Security Fund Act [Cap 50 R.E. 2018] provides for registration of both employers and employees. Sec. 11(1) of the Act provides that every employer, unless such employer was registered under the existing Fund, shall register with the NSSF within one month. The period of one month begins upon the commencement of the Act or the date when the concerned person becomes a contributing employer.

The registration of employees is provided under Sec. 11(6) of the NSSF Act. The Section provides that a contributing employer who is registered by NSSF shall without delay, register as an insured person every person who is or who subsequently become an employee in his service, by notifying the Director General of the particulars of such employees as may be prescribed.

Registration of an employer and employees must be done first before payment of contributions begins and the activity is accomplished at NSSF field offices.