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Privacy Policy

The NSSF may automatically collect and store information about your Internet connection when you visit our web site.

This information includes the following:

  • the date and time that you access our site
  • the pages that you visit
  • if you linked to this site web site from another web site, the address of that web site
  • the type of browser (for example, Netscape 4.0) used to access our site
  • the IP (Internet Protocol) address
  • the action that you tried to perform and whether or not you were successful.

Information We Collect and Store When You Give Feedback

If you choose to give us feedback on the web site via electronic mail (or if you request additional information from The NSSF), you will be asked for your name and address and will have the option of providing other information, such as your profession. If you send information to NSSF, we will consider that to be your consent for NSSF to use the information collected from the message consistent with this policy.

If you provide your name and other information, NSSF will maintain the information to process your request or inquiry. NSSF employees may see the information in the course of their official duties. In limited circumstances, such as requests the Government of Tanzania or pursuant to a court order, we may be required by law to disclose information you submit.

Please note that e-mail and feedback through the submission of a form is not necessarily secure against interception, and that e-mail and other feedback mechanisms in this web site are not encrypted. If your communication is very sensitive, or if it includes personal information like your bank account or information that is regarded as confidential, you might want to send it by postal mail instead of e-mail or the feedback form.

How We Use the Information

The NSSF uses the information--both the information that is collected automatically and the additional information that you may provide--to measure the volume of requests for specific web-site pages, to improve the web site, and to be responsive to user needs and inquiries. NSSF may use the IP address information to monitor unusually heavy activity from a single address.

Although questions, comments, and other communications that we receive generally are not retained as permanent records, please note that it is possible that any mail--electronic or paper--that we receive could become part of the permanent record of NSSF, if the mail is part of materials that are scheduled for permanent retention.

Security of the Web Site

For the security of our site and to ensure that the site remains available to all users, NSSF employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorised attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. See the Disclaimer's Policy for additional information on this issue.

How to Contact Us about the Web Site

If you have a question about the way your information is used in connection with this web site or about NSSF privacy policy and information practices, you may send a letter or e-mail to:

Benjamin Mkapa Pension Towers 7th Fl, Azikiwe St.
P. O. BOX 1322