The United Republic of Tanzania

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

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Registration of Employees

Registration of Statutory Members

Eligibility for registration is for employed person from the age of 18 up to 60 years. Registration procedures include the following; all new members shall be registered to the Fund using National Identification Numbers (NIN) and filling of NSSF/R.3A forms by employees of a registered employer

Registration Without NIN

New members, who shall not have obtained National Identification Numbers at the time of registration, will be registered under Registration without NIN portal.

Partial Registration

There are shall be partial registration of members who cannot be instantly availed for registration due to (either have left employment, travelled out of the country or even deceased). This shall only be done for the purpose of facilitating contribution reconciliation.

Change of Insured Person’s Particulars

An insured person has an opportunity to change particulars in the form NSSF/R.3A that were submitted at the time of registration with the Fund. Application for change of insured person’s particulars should be made through form NSSF/R.3B accompanied with new NSSF/R.3A which has the current particulars of the member. It is important to note that